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Fast Test Ethernet Shield W5100

What is the plan ?
We will connect Ethernet shield to the laptop through the Ethernet port . " NADIELECZONE (This computer) " is the laptop i currently use . This network between Ethernet shield and NADIELECZONE is called Local Area Network (LAN) . Ilyasaa is the gate i use to connect my LAN to the internet . In this case , Ilyasaa is the name of my phone ( my phone is already connect to internet and i tethering it to my Laptop) . It could also be a modem or WiFi . This fast check will only use LAN .

Prepare the item and code

You need to have arduino uno , W5100 Ethernet shield , uno cable and Ethernet shield cable .

Ethernet Shield product page :

The open the arduino ide . Open the WebServer exmple code . The line that you must change in this code is IP Address line . This IP address is depend on your Ethernet shield .

Connecting your arduino to computer

Stack together the arduino uno and Ethernet shield . Connect properly both cable . You will notice that all the LED on the board will blink , rarely for TX and RX . If your board is fault , you may notice that only PWR and100M will light up .

Find Network
Open control panel and then click on network and internet .

Then click on network and sharing center .

Here you may see the Ilyasaa gate i said earlier . It must not be Ilyasaa in your computer . That the name i give to my phone . The unidentified network is your Ethernet shield .

What happen if you disconnect the Ethernet wire . First you will notice that only PWR status led will light on . Other status led will turn off .

Then you will notice that the unidentified network earlier will now missing . Ok , connect back the Ethernet cable . We will proceed to the next step .

Command prompt ( Sound more engineer )
Click start button and search for command prompt . Click it to open .

Write ipconfig on the command prompt. It will list ip which connect to your computer .

Refer to what is the plan ? picture ,
Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection is between Ilyasaa a internet
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection is between Ethernet Shield and NADIELECZONE (This computer)

Extract IP from command prompt
The IP that interest us right now is Ethernet adapter local area connection . Take the IP and and transfer it to arduino Webserver code . Change accordingly .

This is what happen if you disconnect the Ethernet cable . It will seen as Media disconnected .

Upload Skecth
After change the IP address , upload the code into arduino uno .

If the upload sketch take to long , try to open the Ethernet shield and upload back the sketch . Then stack back the Ethernet shield .

See the data upload to IP address
Open the serial monitor , 1st thing you will notice is server is at IP address . If you see server is at , this mean that your W5100 chip is not responding to the arduino . Contact back your Ethernet Shield dealer for future instruction .

Then open your web browser . Copy the IP address from the serial monitor to your web browser . Then press enter .

Now the data sent from arduino uno is available on local area network which is pointed on that IP and accessible within this Local area network .

Happy playing


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