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Test Jig - 555 Timer , Transistor NPN PNP

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555 Timer :
2N3904 NPN :
2N3906 PNP :

 555 Timer and Transistor

The development of test jig is to test randomly the 555 timer and transistor is functioning well before we handle it over to customer .

 Test Jig - 555 Timer , Transistor NPN PNP

Above picture is our test jig . The 555 timer and both transistor NPN PNP is plug in into this test jig to test it functionality .

This test jig is able to :
+ Test the functionality of 555 Timer by blink the LED
+ Test the functionality of transistor NPN and PNP by rotating the DC motor

Below is the video how the 555 Timer and Transistor NPN PNP is test :

If you like to know how this test jig is develop or how is the wiring and circuit diagram , feel free to leave comment below and we will elaborated more on this blog . 

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